About Me

My Name is Kabue James. I’m an aspiring creative director and producer who loves all things film, theater and expressive writing.

I studied Bsc. Actuarial Science at Jomo Kenyatta University. However, my profound love for the arts, both visual and the performing arts veered me off this career.  I took on acting since primary school way up until university, doing a variety of stage performances like plays, dramatized solo verses and choir performances. Come 2011, I scripted my first play titled Princess Jeridah at Jomo Kenyatta University which I also took on the role of directing it. It’s after this experience  that I made the decision to veer off what’s considered one of the most prestigious careers and delve more  into the art of telling stories. So yeah, just call me a story teller! Even though I still have immense love for theater, I’m gradually transitioning into film and video production. The dynamics in this field maybe a little different from what I’ve been used to, but the foundation still remains the same. It’s still all about story telling.

I’m currently employed at Farm Concern International, an Africa wide market development agency whose primary goal is to develop pro poor marketing models and strategic alliances to enhance economic growth among poor communities in sub-Saharan Africa. FCI works primarily with small holder farmers organizing them into commercial villages and linking them to private sector actors as a basis of livelihoods improvement through trade. I work as an assistant producer in Farm Concern International’s studio and my work is primarily developing concepts for video documentaries and other various outputs, writing filming and post-production scripts among other duties. I also double up as the organization’s Social Media Manager. Working at FCI has given me a platform to express my creative genius and my vision is to sharpen my skills and solidify my footing in the production world.

Other than gracing sets and writing scripts, I greatly value other people and their life interests. That’s why I decided to document other people’s lives, particularly highlighting on their hopes and dreams through interviews and features published on this blog. This is the main reason why my tag line is Loving life, Celebrating people. I love life because it’s a gift from God. I didn’t do anything to earn it, neither did I deserve having it. Out of God’s own will, He decided that I should be a living entity to enjoy life and His creation. The best I could do is to enjoy it, regardless of the innumerable challenges that comes along with it. Furthermore, Jesus said that He came to give us life and have it more abundantly.

People are fashioned and created in God’s own image. They express God’s creative genius. That’s why I celebrate them. Like the story teller I am, not only do I love narrating my own experiences in life, I love sharing other people’s experiences as well.  So enjoy all the interviews and features already posted and those which are to be published in the future.

I love connecting with people all over the world.

Nairobi-Kenya the place to be! Cheers!