Posted on October 9, 2015

After doing exceedingly well with her first feature film Leo, Jinna Mutune is riding on a new wave of creative energy as she embarks on her 2nd film project, CHEP The Movie. This new film is a fictional drama that captures the heart of Kenyans and their early beginnings in long distance running supremacy. At a time when female runners were almost unheard of, CHEBET overcomes prejudice, hardship and in the end, her own fears by challenging a world that is built for her to lose by becoming a female world marathoner.

The film aims to capture the rich cultural heritage of one of the communities renowned for running in Kenya. It tells a riveting story revolving around the life of Chebet, a young aspiring Kenyan woman who is torn between becoming a great female athlete or succumbing to her past and sometimes limiting cultural norms. Resolutely, Chebet must fight and overcome her own innate fears & find her voice. This is a story about the African woman, about courage and the power of a dream.

The film is currently past its first phase with the release of the score which was done at the British Council in the company of Jinna’s friends, family, executive producers and members of the 4th estate. The score seeks to celebrate the woman and the impact they are making on the globe. It features boy band Sauti Sol, composed by Jaaz Odongo and written by Fena Gitu.  This 1st phase has been made possible by the enormous support from Chep’s partners namely Safaricom, Jameson-Pernod Ricard, Ford Foundation and The British Council. 

Jinna gives directions to boy band Sauti Sol during the video shoot of the film score

Jinna mutune poses with British Council Country Director Tony Reiley who was also MC during the launch of the score.

Watch the video and let us know what you think by commenting below. And also feel free to break a leg while at it! Cheers! 🙂

Director Of Photography: Willy Owusu, Big Ideas.
Assistant D.O.P: Joshua Wanjohi, Big Ideas.
Editor: Edwin Kariuki
Model: Julie Wanderi
Dancers: Alexas Ndegwa, Nixon Jermaine, Denisa Mrova
Make-up Artsite: Suki
Wardrobe & Hair: Anna Adero
Lighting and Grips: Walter Odhiambo, Gabriel Nduati, Martin Mugo.


  • kiariikimani
    November 2, 2015 (8:52 pm)

    The video is amazing. I like the fact they used a model with melanoma. Hats off. i wouldn’t mind an introductoin to Ms. Mutune hehehehe

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