He’s Elijah York. He has a dream. Be part of it

Posted on November 23, 2013

I had stated some time back about seriously pursuing film making and video production. Along the way I’ve met guys with similar aspirations..and one of them is Elijah York. Elijah is 20 years old currently pursuing a major in accounting. But he stubbornly insists on his intentions of NOT being an accountant, but he’s majoring in it so that he can have a movie producer’s mindset when it comes to financing films.(hmm..ladies and gentlemen, we have a genius thinker in the house). Okay, back to the story. Elijah aspires to write, produce and direct feature films for a living. He’s done a few short films that have been acclaimed by many, but hasn’t reached the prestige that he desires.

Two years ago, Elijah made a short film titled Adventures in the Shadows. The short was about a man and a woman who travel through the world of shadows. Its after making this short film that Elijah felt inspired to take that idea of silhouettes a step further. So he wrote a story that would incorporate the use of silhouettes and have a real story. This was the birth of a new story titled, The Other Side.

Watch Elijah’s short film, Adventures in the shadows.

The Other Side is about a man who has dreams of becoming a writer. After he finds out that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer, he has to put those dreams aside to support her. After some time has passed, his mother passes away. Distraught and upset, the man believes there is no purpose in his life after the passing of his mother. The man attempts to commit suicide, but doesn’t die. He is put into this state of unconsciousness (essentially a coma) that enables him to travel through the afterlife, which we call the other side.
The man takes this opportunity to find his mother and stay with her. At the beginning of his journey, it’s colorless, but the further he travels, the more colorful it becomes. But the more colorful it becomes, the more he begins to pass over.
During his journey, he meets some incredible people who share their life stories with him and advise him to stop searching for his mother, and to live the remainder of his life. (Nothing about this story can be revealed beyond this point. Bummer 🙁 )

Become part of the story

So here’s the part where you and I become part of this amazing story. See, Elijah began a campaign to help raise money and restart this awesome project. After he began college, Elijah had to stop making this film and he had to sell all of his equipment including a camera, green screen, tripods, piano, etc. in order to pay for college expenses and living. Film making is a passion of his, and he wants to pursue his dreams while also staying in college. If he raises enough money, then he can buy all the film equipment he needs which include lights, a camera, green screens, a piano etc.

The other side promises to be a beautifully emotional film that’s worth supporting. It would be a tremendous help if you could contribute something to this film campaign. As Elijah states, many people have had the misfortune of losing someone important to them, but this film will help pacify the pain and give the viewer a more hopeful and appreciative outlook on life. Help me promote the beauty of The Other Side.

Elijah’s total budget for this project is $13,280. To See his full bio on Kickstarter about this project, including the cash breakdown click here

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2nd Corinthians 9:7)

Watch Elijah’s Kickstarter Campaign video.

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