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Posted on November 3, 2015

The first time I came across miss Morgan was through my twitter timeline. I was casually checking out tweets and trending topics like usual, when I noticed guys everywhere talking about this gorgeous lass who had just joined Citizen TV. Well, my interest was aroused. The casual browsing now switched to professional online stalking. My sitting posture even changed! And you can blame it on my curiosity. Anyway, as I combed through more details on my twitter feed, I came to learn that Citizen Business had a fresh new anchor during the evening prime time news. I immediately flipped channels to Citizen and waited for the clock to strike 9. Moments later, it did. I was now glued to my screen, ready to see if all the swooning I saw on twitter by countless folks crushing on Michelle was justified. And heck it was! Yaaass! Miss Morgan came on, looking absolutely stunning, with her sultry-self glaring through my Tv screen and melting me off my seat! A true masterpiece of feminine beauty, needless to say! I changed my sitting posture once more and watched the entire business segment. Yes, even the boring parts where she talked about the NSE share index and inflation rates. That was then. Three years later, I’m on that Michelle vibe again, extremely privileged to share her profile on this blog. Born and raised in Kenya, Michelle is daughter to her late English dad, Bob Morgan and Tanzanian mum, Cedar Morgan. His Father Bob was once the senior assistant commissioner of Kenya police back in the 80’s and founded one of the most reputable security firms in the region, Bob Morgan Securities. (Otherwise known as BM securities.) After his Demise in 1990, Michelle’s Mum took over as Managing Director of BM and continued the vision of her husband, working hard to grow the brand to its current admirable status. But Michelle is curving out a path of her own. As you will soon find out, there’s much more to her than the calm Tv persona that almost everyone is acquainted with. She is also very bubbly, loves taking wild adventures on her motorbike and jumps out of moving planes like you’d step out of the shower. On tely, she is the sweet, gracefully poised Michelle Morgan adorned with a well-chosen dress and a matching pearl necklace. Out here, it’s a little different. She is an outdoor girl. She possesses an insatiable lust for adventure. She occasionally has her bike boots on, ready to explore unchartered territories. Out here, all she cares about is to savor the bliss of every moment during her travel missions…characterized by the roar of her 200cc dirt bike, the smell of rubber on tarmac, beach sand on her feet and her hair blowing in the wind. Out here, she is known as The Female Nomad…and her story begins now.

1. So Michelle, lets begin by telling us a little about yourself. Also give us a glimpse of your growing up years and how they were like. Any siblings?
My childhood was one full of love and support thanks to my mother. She raised me and my brother single handedly after my father passed away. Having a fierce female influence in my life has made me the person I am today. My mum was the financial provider as well emotional caregiver; she instilled a sense and sensibility of my own capabilities and shaped my perception of femininity, identity and self-awareness. She always encouraged my interests namely sports related. I have always been a tomboy far more interested in the outdoors than anything girlie, I guess that’s the foundation of my obsession with bikes.

2. It’s unfortunate to know that you lost your dad Bob at a young age. Are there any fond memories or life changing lessons you learnt from him that you keep till now?
Unfortunately he passed away when I was a baby so I never got the opportunity know him personally. But what I can say is even without him being here in my life as I grew up, he left the biggest influence and opportunity for me to become the person I am today and that is an education fund. Education is foundation to any child’s future and he had the foresight to ensure I would receive an education no matter what happened in life and for that I am forever grateful. Thanks to him I have a BA honors degree in Advertising PR and media from Middlesex University in London as well as a diploma in documentary film making from the MET institute of Berlin. This has been the foundation to my skills and abilities in life.

3. With reference to your parents pioneering a powerful brand in the security industry and serving thousands of Kenyans, do you also feel the urge to walk in their footsteps and equally leave a lasting legacy of your own?
My philosophy is to live a life that’s true to myself; my favorite saying is the journey is the destination. And as my journey through life unfolds I want live a life that resonated with the sound of laughter and happiness, one that’s full of adventure, thrills and no regrets. To live every day to its potential and like it’s your last because it very well could be. The one thing that is certain in life is that you will die so before that happens be brave enough to live the life of your dreams, that’s the legacy I have in mind.

4. Away from family matters. Now, I think I’d be safe to say that a lot of people know you as a news personality who has done exceptionally well in the art of delivering news. So having worked at Citizen TV, Ebru TV and now currently at K24, how has this experience been for you and what lessons have you learnt thus far?
News anchoring is a profession I took up a few years ago that requires self-confidence and the need to be well versed in current affairs. It’s been a journey that is still evolving and everyday I continue learning about myself and the industry at large.

5. Still on this point, what’s your take on Kenyan Journalism in general? Do you think news agencies here are doing enough to bring their game to the next level? And if not, where do you think the loopholes are and how can they be addressed?
I think the state of media in Kenya is one that continues to grow. I have no criticism of the standard of journalism especially working in a newsroom I know what goes into delivering a story and an entire bulletin. I think proof of the standard of Kenyan journalism is in how many CNN and other prestigious journalism awards have been won by Kenyans. We must be doing something right!

6. Now, lets shift gears and focus on your other passion, which is this insatiable lust for travel, exploration and adventure! From riding motorbikes to jumping out of planes, please take us back to the time you discovered this side of you and why it makes you come so alive!
You nailed it! Yes, I am undoubtedly an adrenaline junkie and I live for the thrills in life. This is what has prompted me to start my blog: www.thefemalenomad.co.ke where I can share my adventures, travels and love of photography with the world. On this little platform I hope to engage audiences in my world of wanderlust as I endlessly seek the beauty life has to offer. From adrenaline charged activities like skydiving, motorbike adventures across Kenya…to travel tips and guides to some of the country’s most breath taking destinations, I hope to connect and inspire people to experience what life has to offer.

7. It’s also interesting to note that as you take time to explore the world, you also document your travel experiences through film and photography, your other great passion. Is this what led you to start off Nomad productions? Tell us more about how this Nomad idea came about.
Yes, I absolutely love to travel and exploring the beauty life has to offer. For years I have been exploring life on my bike and taking pictures along the way. This led to the name Nomad that evolved into TheFemaleNomad and a business Nomad Productions. In my little production entity I love to create Travel content in particular. This includes travel photography, travel videography and travel writing that authentically captures the experience of any given place.

I have also found myself gravitating towards the art of portrait photography and have been lucky enough to shoot the likes of Janet Mbugua most recently I did a creative pregnancy shoot for her (check it out www.thefemalenomad.co.ke). I love shooting outdoors in nature where wild and spontaneous creative energy can flow freely, this is my creative aesthetic.

8. As Founder and creative director of Nomad productions, what’s your core vision for this organization especially within the context of the rising demand of local content? What’s your plan to stand out from this industry which would be easily considered as a ‘saturated’ industry?
Nomad Productions is my little entity where I get to express my creativity and grow my skills and abilities in photography and videography. I am all about collaboration and I think there is so much talent in the creative circles here in Kenya. My vision is to create art and enjoy the journey of doing so. To focus on producing captivating travel content that is inspiring and informative. I think the content arena is a nascent one that is only just beginning to flourish. In regards to standing out from the crowd I plan to stay true to myself in my creative vision, I believe there is a bold beauty in individuality.

9. Quoting your own words, “The biggest adventure is to live the life of your dreams” Would you confidently say that you are living the life of your dreams now? Where do you hope to see yourself in the near future?
I try to remind myself of this everyday! So far I have a couple of very exciting production projects in the works centered on extreme outdoor activities. Beyond that I am planning the motorbike adventure of a lifetime across the continent with my beau, which is awfully exciting!! So yes I would say I am doing my best to try and live the life of my dreams!

10. What would you say greatly inspires you to be a better Michelle: A better girlfriend, a better daughter, a better reliable friend, a better global citizen?
I have such a wonderful life partner who pushes me to be a better person, super cheesy answer I know (cringe!!!) 🙂 Sincerely other than the beautiful people who influence my life I would say the greatest inspiration to better myself would be my spirituality. I meditate and try to connect with my perception and understanding of our creator and my purpose. It is a continuous journey of self-reflection and greater consciousness.

11. Now, onto love matters! For the second time, I know I’d be safe to say that the biggest discovery of your life was to meet your life partner, sir Peng Chen. I believe this was somewhere down at the coast. Share with us (with utmost detail) how everything happened!
LOL if you insist! So, we met in a swimming pool at the coast, I thought he was gorgeous and exotic and without hesitation I got in the pool swam over and introduced myself! The rest is history. We instantly hit it off, and have been together every since! He is undoubtedly my life partner and I am so grateful every day. Again with the cheese I’m sorry but its true, this is what happens when you’re in love!

12. What is it about Peng that made you have that gut feeling that says: “This is it!” “This is the kind of man I’ve been searching for all my life!”
It’s everything about him. He isn’t just drop dead gorgeous but he has such a sweet and genuine soul. He is my best friend, motorbike companion, sous chef, cuddle partner, protector, confidant, shoulder to cry on, counselor and more the list is endless. He is always up for an adventure! What can I say he is my other puzzle piece!! 🙂

13. And lastly, at the top of your head, what would be your wise counsel to single people looking around for love? I’m asking for a friend! 🙂 No wait, I’m asking for many, many friends! 🙂 🙂
Be confident enough to approach people I certainty did. Don’t take rejections personally…they weren’t right for you anyway. I always say you would rather live a life of Oh Wells than What if’s? And most importantly be true to yourself and have fun with it or else what’s the damn point!! Strive to be happy!

1. With regard to your passion for travel and adventure, where in the world would you love to explore? Give me top three dream destinations.
1. Nambia – the enchanting deserts that you skydive into, sand surf on and loose yourself in
2. Bali – Being the beach baby that I am I would love to explore the little island and beach life
3. Cape Town I want to experience the unique vibe of this creative city by the beach

2. What’s your advice to girlfriends who won’t let their boyfriends own a bike because it is “too risky” or “You will die young?”
Hang on a second Kabue … Why aren’t you asking what advice would I give to boyfriends who wont let their girlfirends own a bike??? There are growing numbers of female bikers and there is nothing more liberating and powerful than being a woman on a motorbike! So I would encourage all women to drop the fear, embrace life and get on a bike! Trust me you wont regret it!!

3. What kind of misconceptions do you think people have of news personalities like yourself?
Ooooo I don’t know??? Maybe that I am this serious news persona when in reality I am a fun loving free spirit that this down to earth and pretty chilled!

4. Dogs or cats?
BOTH!! I love animals. I have 1 dog called Nala and 2 cats Hena and Caitlyn Jenner lol. 😀

5. Any good reads you’d love to recommend?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – an absolute must read!!
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Near-Death Experience and Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander
Creativity Unleashing the forces within By OSHO

6. What’s your most embarrassing moment?
So many my goodness! OK most recently I went into work on a typical day wearing a black maxi dress. As I left the house it got caught on something and tore a gapping hole, get this right on my left but cheek. Now I was totally oblivious and arrived at work as per usual doing my rounds and saying hello to everyone. It was only after interacting with my boss yes my boss that he pointed out that apparently there was a new fashion to show off ones butt cheeks. It was then that I turned around and realised that my ass cheek had been on display to the world!!!! Oh the shame even the watchman got a good look!! I quickly yanked the kiyoy I was wearing from my neck and hurriedly wrapped it around my waist fleeing in shame with my dignity a distant memory!! Thankfully my boss and the entire office have a sense of humour and it became the office joke that all my male colleagues hoped would this become the latest fashion trend.

That’s the much I could dig out from Michelle..and trust me, I’ve had loads of fun while at it! I’ll sign out by quoting her own words, “…the biggest adventure is to live the life of your dreams…” and it’s certainly my hope that you get to do just that. Tomorrow we catch up with Peng Chen, Michelle’s better half and see what he has to say about himself. Take care and much love! 🙂

Official Photographer: Emmanuel Thuo/ www.ethuoweddings.com
Assistant Photographer: David Kinuthia
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Make-Up Artistes: Charlie & Victor courtesy of Suzie Beauty Ltd / www.suziebeauty.com

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