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Posted on November 25, 2014

I’ve been a loyal listener of the fuse for many years now. When I became a fan, Pinky Ghelani and Italia Masiero used to host the show. Up to date, I still love the segment of the show where they would make calls on behalf of desperate single people who wanted to be hooked up with their secret crushes. Y’ll remember that? And I sooo loved it when some of these people would express their surprise and would stubbornly insist that the identity of the secret admirer be revealed. Or Y’ll remember when Pinky and Italia pranked the whole of Nairobi that Will Smith was in town? All this time, the only real thing behind this fallacy was a huge cardboard poster of Will standing tall at the ground floor of Lonrho House! And to think guys swallowed the lie! And I would go on and on why the fuse has been a memorable show to me and continues to be up until now, with the fresh new sounds of Taylor and his lovely co-host Wanjira.

So the first time I heard Taylor I actually thought he was a white boy. (I know I’m not alone). His voice conjured an image of nothing less than a blue-eyed fellar with blonde hair…all the way from the east coast and happened to land a radio gig in Nairobi. So I did some little digging on him and lo and behold, Taylor a.k.a Mizter Murathe was a black ninja like me! And I did have the pleasure of meeting Taylor for the very first time during this year’s presenter search by Capital Fm, The Capital One. So this interview is another product of my curiosity, because I wanted to comb through some of the finer details of the man who graces our radios every weekday from 10 all through to 2pm on 98.4 Capital Fm. This is what my brother from another mama had to say. Enjoy!

*A little about yourself Taylor. Where were you born and how was life for you growing up? Where did you school?
Taylor aka Mizter Murathe is an extrovert who loves music, film and the all things artsy. Aside from that, I consider myself quite the dancer and visionary when it comes to photography. I also love to cook when I get the time. I was born and raised partly in Kenya, took a break in the early 90’s and got home schooled for about 7 and a half years in the UK before coming back in 2000. My parents were quite the travelers so I was always in and out of different schools.

*What were some of your childhood dreams you grew up with? That one thing you so desperately aspired to be.
Well initially my mom wanted me to be either a pilot or a lawyer but I always knew the Arts is where my heart felt at home.

*Lets turn to radio. So at what point did this radio bug bite you and decided you wanted to get into it? Kindly lay down for us a brief synopsis of your radio career. And how exactly did you get to capital Fm?

Well, its not been easy and every struggling artist (I like referring them to that) knows its hard to break even in the industry. It was in 2007 just after I finished college when I decided to to take part in the 2007 Coca Cola VJ Search where I went to make it in the top 20 out of a 1,000 contestants. Unfortunately my time for recognition was yet be discovered. Its only a couple of weeks after the search was done when Homeboyz Radio announced that they were holding auditions for an upcoming radio youth station that caught my eye. Dennis Ndavi gave me my first big break when he interviewed me and two weeks later I got the call back, since then its been up and onwards. Well with Capital Fm, I had tried several times to send in my demo to the station prior…it was only up until last year (2013) when I tried for the last time and just when I was about to give up all hope, the PC-Somoina Kimojino, called me in for an interview where of course I met our chairman Dr Christopher Kirubi. Since then its been one amazing roller coaster of tears, laughter and hard work.

*Presenting a successful show like the fuse requires that a lot of hard work is done behind the scenes. Kindly take us through how you prep for your show and also how you collaborate with the show producer to ensure that things are in check. Kinda like taking us through what your day is like at work.
Well basically its not that complicated, I get to the office around 8:30 am, grab my cuppa from our tea lady Esther and chat up with my producer WDJ & Co Host Wanjira. We always share ideas on what the shows theme or playlist should be focused on. Sometimes we always ensure prep is done the previous day to avoid any late run in’s with the traffic  (Nairoberry traffic) it can be quite crazy in the morning. By 10 am the show kicks off.

*And does presenting a show get monotonous? How are you able to reinvent yourself as a presenter and keep yourself relevant and fresh at all times?
Radio, if you truly have the passion for it, can be quite fun so long as you do your job. About it being monotonous…radio can never be boring! Just take a fine example of radio king Rick Dees! He’s being doing it for over the past decade and it still hits!

*Well that’s interesting! So, what then is the hardest thing about a radio job like this one? 
Well, like I said its got its perks if you are well known by the right social scene as well as clients.

*Tell us something about Wanjira and Dr DJ CK you think we do not know about.
They both love Chicken.

*So, someone wants to be you when they grow up and get to someday be a great host of a radio show. What are some of the practical things they should start doing now especially with reference to the thousands of presenter hopefuls who tried out for the Capital one this year and are trying to keep the dream alive?
Just never stop trying, persistence pays. Just keep your head up, its up to you to go hard or go home.

*Persistence indeed pays! Okay, on-air personalities you have you admired over time?
Alexa Chung -MTV
Sean Cardovillis- Previous Capital Fm presenter.

*Away, from radio, would there be any other interests that you are pursuing on the side?

I’m currently working on an EP titled 3:AM in Peru with my band Taylor & The Cult which will be a synthpop, synthwave record. Aside from music, I am also very in touch with my entrepreneurial skills and that is to open up a boutique salad bar which will aim to make health freaks smile and wave. (LOL)
*Have you guys recorded anything? Or where can guys come and check out your live performances?

So far I have written a couple of tracks which only 6 will serve as the EP, but we are yet to enter the studio to record magic. If there’s any producer I would love to collaborate with would definitely have to be Calvin Harris or Benny Blanco.

*Who are some of the people who greatly inspire you and why?
If I had to admire any artist, that would be Laroux, Kid Cudi or MNDR.

*As we come to a close, kindly share your parting shots. A Taylor-life-philosophy that you live by.
Just don’t give a damn about what people say. Just keep reaching for the stars! I usually hate referencing Lupita Nyongo but yes, your dreams are valid!

*Relationship status Taylor? Announce to the world if you are taken!
I am single but not willing to mingle unless its either Lenny Kravitz or Lana Del Ray.

*What are some of the misconceptions you think people have of celebrities like yourself?
Filthy Rich….. Its never that way.

*All time favorite rock bands?
Bombay Bicycle Club
The Kooks

*What’s that dream car that you cant seem to stop fantasizing about?
The BMW i8, i fell in love with it after watching MI:4

*Favorite movie of all time?
Cruel Intentions & I Know What You Did Last Summer

*Most embarrassing moment?
When I fell off a bike in Kericho and straight into mud. It was not funny at all.

So this is the much I could milk from Taylor..at least for now. Tune in every weekday from 10 am all through to 2 pm and listen to him goof off with his on-air wifey, Wanjira a.k.a mizz Randrine! If you are not in Kenya, you can listen to them via Capital Fm’s online platform, www.capitalfm.co.ke/listenlive 


This was the second time to engage photographer Jude Xavier Gichumbi for my blog project. I love what he did the first time with Patricia Kihoro’s shoot…and I love even more what he did with Taylor and Wanjira. This was an afternoon shoot that happened at Pawa 254 studios (Courtesy of General Manager at Pawa, Njeri Mwangi) and we finished off close to 7 pm in the evening. The outcome had me stare at my screen like a retard, my pupils literally morphing into the shape of love hearts! Jude, who also doubles up as an art director,  has this amazing ability to execute his shoots with such finesse like no other. That is why he remains in my top list of photographers to work with. Check out some of his work and see what he has been up to. www.500px.com/JudeXavierG 

And for our make-up artiste, this was the second time to work with Suzy Wokabi CEO & Founder of Suzie Beauty Cosmetics (Our first time was during Pinky Ghelani’s shoot). This amazing woman loves what she does..and regardless of having a busy schedule as she oversees the affairs of her own beauty brand that literally is worth millions of shillings, she still did make the time to come over and doll up our two Capital Fm presenters. In my own words, she embodies what her brand stands for..which is making other people beautiful…because she is both beautiful on the inside and out! For more on Suzie Beauty make up products, check out www.suziebeauty.com.

Hope you enjoyed the read! Cheers!

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