The Light and Life of Mankind

Posted on September 29, 2010

If the works of philosophers is anything to go by, life is too complex for man to fathom. Often times, we get caught up in life’s web of sophistication and thus, the quest for truth begins. Truth that will inevitably set us free from all our questions of who we are and our life’s purpose.

The Good news however is that we don’t have wallow deep in life’s complexities and miseries, for one man’s life mission was to provide all the answers that humanity desperately yearns for. This man is characterized by an undying Love for humanity and this prompted Him to take action and quench a myriad of mankind’s deepest longings. He called Himself the Light of the world. How true, since darkness was and is mankind’s middle name; and this remains to be so until mankind willingly opens the door of his heart to allow this man’s glorious illumination that brings in the guarantee of true liberation from all that life has presented itself to humanity to be…this man was the self-acclaimed Son of the Living God, the source of life itself, and He alone can set you free, for not only does He speak of the truth…He is the TRUTH! His name is Jesus Christ.

Ever since this Gentleman asked me out, i have discovered that there’s no problem in living a simple life. He undid what i had become; a hopeless soul wandering in the darkness of life’s complexities. This is the miraculous process that has been defined as Salvation. So the life that’s most precious to me, is my life in Him, for i was made by Him and meant to live for Him. This is the essential truth that mankind needs to be so consciously aware of. Thus, simply put, there’s is no other greater life than that which is lived in Jesus Christ…its the only way to have a LIFE, even to the ceaseless age of eternity!

My soul will find rest, not in what the world can offer, but what God the father offered….His son Jesus Christ. Now let me enjoy my life in Him…and heavens prayer is that it will be the same thing for you as well!!(^__^)


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